Help: How to send out for delivery / delivered emails manually

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Hey guys, 


My shop is

I want to be able to manually send out for delivery / delivered emails, because I'm manually delivering these products to local resident's houses. Please advise me on how I can do this. I can't seem to find an email service that allows me to do this for free. 

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Hi Muffly,

Our app EasyRoutes allows you to do this. You can select your orders and we will generate an optimized delivery route you can share with your driver or deliver your self.

We have a mobile-friendly delivery view that lets you email your customers when items are out for delivery. You or your driver can then mark the order as delivered or missed, and we will update your order status and email your customers accordingly. You can do this on our free plan, but we also have paid plans (with free trials) to support businesses of all sizes.

We are well reviewed (5-stars ) and well supported. You can learn more at

I hope this helps!

EasyRoutes Local Delivery ( - Local delivery superpowers for your Shopify store
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so sad how we have to pay for an app to do this.

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@muffly Did you find any solution? I am shippping via a third-party shipping carrier which is unsupported by SHopify, but can't find a way to send delivery confirmation once order is delivered.