Help! I need a better way to keep track my shirt inventory

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Hey everyone,


I'm trying to find a better way to keep track of my inventory. My situation is that I have T-Shirt blanks and I plan on pressing them on demand. I don't have a set inventory of the actual shirts with the designs on them, but I do have an exact number of each Size and Color of the shirt.

I have three different products on my "products" page and they all have different designs, but I will be using the same blank shirts for them for each variant. I want it so that when somebody orders a "Small-White" shirt of design "A"  then my overall inventory for a "Small-White" shirt goes down for design "B" and "C" as well.

If this is still confusing please let me know, and I will elaborate further.

Thank you all,
OuchApparel LLC

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Hi @OuchApparel ,

There is already an app for this called Simple Materials.

In your case, the blank tshirs are essentially your raw material and your printed designs are your finished goods.

In case you also sell blank tshirts, you can try another app called Connected Inventory

Any Likes and Accept as Solutions are greatly appreciated✌ Having trouble? Hire us!
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I also have a dilemma 😞

ok so let’s say I have 8 heat press transfers and 2 different color t shirt I’m goin got offer and each color t shirt I have 10… how can I stop selling at 8? Not overselling what I don’t have 🥺— I hope this makes sense lol some please help!! How would keep track of both heat transfer and t shirt separately? HELP!