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HELP - I uploaded a CSV to Update Pricing for a Sale and My 2nd/3rd Images are GONE!

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I exported my file - removed the rows with the 2nd/3rd images because I didn't want to change those - updated the pricing and then imported the file.

This removed the images - I tried to fix by importing a file with the rows with then 2nd & 3rd images but this didn't fix it.

Am I screwed and just lost 3000 images??? I don't have them saved outside of Shopify & even if I did I don't have the time to manually upload them again.

Is there anyway to recover it.  If not - there should be a warning on the import tool when it sees that you aren't importing the rows with alternate images - "Hey you are about to delete 3000 images - is that what you mean to do"... most everything else can be fixed by reimporting why not images - it is literally the most freaking time consuming part of managing products in an online store.

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