Help! - Local Pickup at Multiple Locations with One Central Warehouse Location for ALL Inventory

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We have 4 coffee shops and an online store primarily selling coffee beans. We handle all inventory and fulfillment in our central warehouse, and in order to defray prohibitive shipping costs for local customers, would like to enable them to pick up an online order at one of our 4 physical shops. We stock and distribute other products to our shops from the warehouse as well; it would be relatively easy to simply package online orders at the warehouse and  include them in our existing deliveries to each designated shop 2 or 3 times/ week for free customer pickup.

However, we cannot physically keep online store inventory at each of 4 stores and fulfill from each; this would be far more complex/costly. Our fulfillment resources are at the warehouse, and we’d need to hold and redistribute far more inventory (which has a short shelf life), and Shopify seems to require independent inventory at each location. We have considered simply setting each shop’s inventory to 0, and enabling ‘oversell’, for the warehouse; however, this would require manually decrementing inventory for each order. Furthermore, if we truly ‘oversell’, our supplier’s processing / packaging time far exceeds our existing 2-day turnaround.

We have been trying to approach this from multiple angles:

- Shopify pickup option for multiple locations (above issues).

- Only Shopify: enabling local pickup from our warehouse location, and finding a way to allow customers to select one of our 4 actual pickup locations from a drop-down somewhere (?) but we’ve been told that we can’t edit or add anything to the checkout form.

- Finding a way to back into what we need using Shopify’s ‘delivery’ option; no luck as of yet.

- Multiple third party apps, e.g. pickup, delivery, inventory… none of which seem to fit the bill.

In summary, we’re desperately seeking a way to maintain a central inventory while enabling customers to select any one of 4 pickup locations. We’re hitting the proverbial wall on this, and are surprised; it doesn’t feel like this would be unique/niche functionality. We’re relatively small, but many national online retailers allow customers to allow local in-store pickup? Have any of you successfully dealt with this issue, something similar, or happen to have any ideas? Are there any other third party app recommendations? We would welcome any and all ideas and are happy to provide additional clarification as useful. Much appreciated, and thanks in advance! 

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I'm following this - we have the exact same issue.  I don't want to click every inventory item to show it is in more than 1 location, but this seems to be the only quick fix.

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This is also my problem...Following to await some replies.....Also in the search it says 4 replies - but I only see 1 that information inaccurate on the forum search facility?

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Facing a similar problem here :(((( were you able to get a resolution on this?

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Following as also dealing with the same problem


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Yes same here!!


One warehouse multiple pick up locations. Warehouse delivers products to location for customers to pick up. So we don't need inventory at each location only at the warehouse. 


Help!!!!!!!! (lol) need a solution asap

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I'm having the same issue.

We also have one central stock location and an extra pick-up nearby. This pick-up has no stock, products are moved there as needed.

We're going to try and create an app that gives the pickup location a fictive stock that is always synchronized to the real stock location.

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Following! I’m stuck between Squarespace and Shopify. I can’t seem to find anything that works exactly how I want it to.

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We have exactly the same issue - on central stock that's available for pick up at three different locations. Hope someone has a solution for this!

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Hi guys,

I end up using a webhook, that will execute every time an order is pay. This webhook executes an API we developed. This api uses the shopify APIs in order to update the stock of the other locations. So, it goes something like this:

- We have 5 locations for local delivery

- To all of our products we assigned the same amount of stock. So in real life, we only have 10 units of Product A, but in shopify we have 50, 10 for each location.

- So if someone buys 2 units of Product A on Location 1, we have to update the other four locations to 8 units. So at the end all the 5 locations hace 8 units eatch

To achieve this, as mentioned in the beginning we develop an API, that uses the shopify APIs. We had to use the following APIS:



Im aware this is not a real solution, but is the only way we were able to achieve this. This means you will need a server, a domain and a SSL certificate in order to publish your api and call it from the shopify webhooks. 

Hope this can help someone.

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There are many apps that can sync inventory for various reasons.

One  allows scripting for more complicated situations.

They even have a library of premade scripts including for inventory sync'ing 


If you need such custom solution I can be contacted at 

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Have you ever gotten a solution?  My situation is exactly as you have stated.

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Its pretty similler case here in my project have to send or recieve my jigsaw products but i am facing the same difficulties i dont know how to find its solution its happening from four or five months if someone has an idea plz share with me 

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Hello, after searching multiple forums thought I share an easy solution for multiple pickup locations without an app, or installing code or using multiple location inventory tracking.

Inside Shopify > Products > Scroll to Quantity > Choose Edit Locations and from here you can select the locations that will display on checkout.

You have to do this for every product but still a good workaround. Hope this helps.


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Don’t you need to put stock in each location as well?

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Wouldn’t you still need stock at both locations ??? Looks like a lot of us have the same issue 

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This is not a work around. This is what I was doing, but run the risk of over selling. If the item is not stocked at the place someone is checking out, then cart abandoned.

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We have the same issue! We have a working solution, but it is not ideal.

Here's our situation and what we do for our team at

We have 11 stores and central warehouse to service our website. Our customers can order online and use "Click and Collect" from any of the stores.

What we did was edit the shipping rates, to include our Click and Collect locations. While it is not 100% the solution, it is a workaround we are currently using until Shopify sort this out. Here's what our Shipping Zones look like.