Help! - Local Pickup at Multiple Locations with One Central Warehouse Location for ALL Inventory

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I'm using the same solution of editing the shipping profile to the pickup location but it's very confusing for our customers when they have to choose between ship and pickup?

Ship means home delivery so they choose pickup and stuck with the warehouse pickup choice only.

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Following! We also have daily deliveries to our retail stores and would like to pick and pack the orders in our central warehouse, but let customers pick it up at one of our retail locations. It’s possible to put pickup as a shipping option, but a bit confusing.

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Hey all,

We just started using this app below for a student store that needs to have multiple pickup locations but keeps the inventory in one central warehouse.  Their customer support team is very helpful during the set-up and the user experience makes a lot of sense. 

One thing I'll point out is that it makes users selects pick-up days and time windows, which is great if you want to set exact times for pick-up.  If you don't you have to set it so people pick a day (with a large time window say 8-4pm) and then tell people that you will email them when their order is ready.  That's what we're doing.