HELP ME , a False DMCA is ruining everything i worked for !

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I launched my store a year and a half ago, and it took me countless hours and sleepless nights to get it where it's at now. Never had any issues; I have a very, very low chargeback rate. I've never had any money holds, always fulfilled and delivered my orders on time, and made sure my customers were satisfied. Two days ago, someone filed a false DMCA, resulting in my product being suspended. I was shocked, but I thought it's just a mistake by Shopify to allow this to happen because our product pages are completely different, and there isn't a single similarity. I submitted the counter-notice and relaunched the product. I was surprised that another DMCA from the same person came through, and the product got suspended again. I was told that repeat DMCA may result in the permanent ban of my store. I've sent countless emails to the legal team but received generic responses. Nobody is listening to me. I feel so helpless. How can someone play the system and harass me like this, and Shopify let this happen? It's basically bullying at this stage. I have a family of five to take care of. My well-being depends on this. I hope someone can help me. I'm losing everything I've worked for.

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