Help needed: Different price in my admin.shopify store and my public online store

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When I import products to my admin.shopify store and after setting the title, description, and details, including price and profit, the listing price in my public online store is way higher. I'm importing products using two different apps, in each one I've set the pricing rules that are working fine when pushing the products from the app to the admin.shopify store, but when checking the online store the prices are way higher to the ones defined in the previous steps. When I edit the prices in the admin.shopify stores even to get 0 profit, the prices in the public store are still higher than the product cost from the supplier. It happens to all products so is not a problem with the apps I'm using. I need a solution so I don't have to change each price manually each time to a lower price so it shows at the desired price in the online store


In my admin.shopify store



In my public store:



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