Help needed- one month after I still have no sales

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Hi everyone. It’s been a month since I launched my store and I don’t have any sales. I’ve spent about 150$ so far on Facebook ads but my budget is limited. I was wondering if anyone is willing to take a look at my site and give me some tips. Thanks in advance




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I had my store since nov 2022 and I only got 2 sales so far. I just added after pay and sezzle so hopefully I can get some sales moving forward. Don't give up

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Hello, Theadder.


I had to go through minimum 2 pages or, through other paths, 3 pages, to finally get into a page in which I could add something to the cart. People usually give up fast in stores they don't know. Try adding some featured products in the home page or creating more content for the homepage to better place it in google and get people more interested in the intentions of the store

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