Help! Shopify Admin "Print Order Page" Functionality

Help! Shopify Admin "Print Order Page" Functionality

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We've been using the Shopify platform for almost 6 years now and in recent times have become increasingly frustrated by the development of certain aspects that clearly have not been tested correctly or even considered by developers for the impact on existing merchants.

The "Print Order Page" for us is a perfect example in this regard.

For 5+ years this functionality has worked perfectly for us to print our orders off from the admin page and be used toward our fulfilment process.

However, in recent months things have changed for the worse and it is no coincidence that this has occurred in line with development of the new "Order Printer" app. Clearly the layout of this app is the direction Shopify have taken in regard to the "Print Order" function, but have not considered how this impacts merchants relying on how this works.

To begin, we noticed recently that when printing an order page the font size had increased for the product description (almost twice the size) resulting in orders with just a few product lines printing over 2/3 pages of A4.

More recently we have noticed that the customers contact telephone number has increased significantly in font size.

However, today and more alarmingly, we have identified that not all products ordered by a customer are now displayed on the "Print Order" page. So, when we print an order it is missing the last product line. NB. We always print in portrait on A4 paper.

Having questioned this issue with "Support" I was advised that we should either now print on A3 or at the very least change our print settings to "Landscape" so all product lines ordered by a customer are displayed when printed off using "Print Order".

First of all I'm somewhat disappointed that Shopify think that adopting alternate printing set ups / paper sizes is  a satisfactory outcome for their merchants, without at least considering a viable fix/solution.

Secondly, directing merchants to use the "Order Printer App" as a suitable solution when the app is completely useless is even more insulting. For one, this app does not even carry the customers email address details.

So, apologies for this mini rant, but has anyone else experienced recent issues with the "Print Order" functionality and/or got any solutions for the problems it is now providing? 

Thanks in advance.

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