Help! Why is a variant combination missing from my variant list?

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I found a strange glitch while updating our client's Shopify store. They have this product called 'Large Sign' and each of its 'Character' variant should have a total of 4 combinations. But the '6 Character' variant only has 3 combinations for some reason. Is there a setting for this? Am I missing something? I attached a screenshot of the product variants from the backend for context and its resulting variant combinations. I know the combinations happen automatically, so seeing one set being incomplete confuses me. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance! 🙏


MISSING COMBINATION: "English Letters - Beneath (+$25.00) · Black Frame w/ Black Back Board"


Pic below: screenshot of variants in the product page backend---

Screen Shot 2024-05-02 at 01.14.58.png

Pic below: list of variant combinations for the '6 Character' variant---

Screen Shot 2024-05-02 at 01.41.51.png 

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