Help with Endless Fraudulent Orders - $0 Add-on Items

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So recently my site has been getting slammed with tons of bogus orders! These orders are all for zero dollar add-on items that no one should be able to check out with without adding another item that costs something to their cart.


For example, I sell pendants and a customer can choose to add a necklace to wear the pendant on that is free or they can upgrade to a silver or gold necklace for a fee. I keep getting orders for just the free necklace!! I have another product that is supposed to be hidden as well which is a "collection kit" and is a necessary part of my workflow/shipping flow and that too is a free product. Both the collection kit and necklace have product pages that are essentially blank, meaning there is no "add to cart" button, but somehow I am still receiving orders for these free items!


I use Sales Motivator and Product Options to integrate these free add ons into my site. Both apps are by Shop Circle, previously Bold. I haven't dealt with this problem up until this year and all of a sudden, its been a major headache! I have reached out to the app developer, but Im wondering if anyone else has dealt with this before and know how I can stop it from happening!!


I should add that I am already using Shopify Fraud Filter and I have payment processing set to manual capture so I can review each order individually. I looked at an analytics report from Shopify this morning and it appears these items are somehow being adding on the cart page itself. I dont even know how that is possible. I've reached out to Shopify customer service and they have not been of much help. Any insight would be much appreciated! 🙏

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Couple ideas:


- Edit your shipping options to require a minimum price (Settings > Shipping and delivery), then they wouldn't be able to finish checkout


- Put some code to check the cart before allowing to go to checkout, and deny navigating to checkout if cart is 0. This would go anywhere someone could navigate to checkout (on the cart page, on a popup or slide out after adding to cart, etc).


- Check your Google Analytics to see where those purchases are happening on your website, then plug that hole (see previous point)


- Automatically fulfill orders for $0 (you can use Order Automator to automate tasks like this if you don't yet have an automation tool) and add some code in the notification (if order total = 0, then show a text box in the order confirmation saying the order is closed) to tell the customer that the order has been marked for close, because it's "against our terms of service to receive a free product without making a purchase" (then add that statement to your TOS).


Hope 1 of those can help you solve that problem. 👍



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Thanks! Yeah, it seems like having a developer put some code on the cart page to automatically deny navigating to the checkout page would be ideal, but thats not something I can do on my own. It dawned on me that I offer free shipping by default for all orders.... so I went into my Shipping Settings yesterday and changed the minimum amount required for free shipping to my least expensive product (it was previously set to $0). I then added a second condition for orders that are $0 to charge $99999 for shipping! It's still a bit early to know how effective it will be, but so far so good 🙂 Appreciate your advice, thanks again!

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We are having a similar issue. Will look to use some of the solutions here (we've also put in a flow that cancels all $0 orders) Have you been able to figure out how customers were accessing your $0 GWPs even though they're hidden and have no PDPs?

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Im not sure how they were accessing the hidden products or even managing to checkout without an "add to cart" button for said products, that's well beyond my pay grade ha! I will say that after adjusting my shipping settings for $0 orders, these bogus orders have come to a complete halt. I'm hoping it stays that way!! 🤞 Good luck!!