Help with my cancellation

Help with my cancellation

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I have tried for MONTHS to contact shopify to stop my subscription. I’ve tried on several devices on both app and website several times to cancel my subscription and the step by step guide has never taken me to where I can actually cancel it! I’ve tried every Avenue to contact so I wouldn’t have to use the forum to make this complaint but frankly this is the only place I can contact anyone, if anyone.

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Hi @Zoepk !


If you are not able to deactivate or cancel your Shopify account on your end, you will need to directly contact Shopify support team so they can cancel your account on their end and will make sure that your account is correctly deactivated. You can reach out to them by going through their Shopify Help Center and enter your concern on AI chat box, respond to it until the "I still need help" or "chat with a support advisor" option appear or, through their Email support.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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