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Currently creating my Shopify store. I know the name of the Shopify account cannot be changed down the road, so should I use the exact name of my brand as the Shopify account name? E.g. for, the account is What are the pros and cons of using the business name as the Shopify account name word for word? Does it make it easier to hack into my website or it actually doesn’t change anything?


I’m asking because of mainly two reasons: I’m creating an account now, and I see a lot of the big brands use short forms/add dashes/add words to the account name instead of using the actual name of the brand (even though it’s available). Secondly is that the store will be stuck with the account name I chose forever, so I want to make the right choice. Is there drawbacks to using the actual name? And how many of you do so?

Edit: of the top 15 performing Shopify stores, only 3 uses their brand name as their account name

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Hi @ChristinaRandol !


Your {subdomain} is the Shopify internal subdomain. While you could technically run your business via this address, it is definitely recommended to connect your own domain once you want to publish your store. The naming choices you make with your Shopify-account do not influence your shop's security.

So, just choose something close enough to your brand name that is still available and go for it 🙂

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Of course! I'd be happy to help you with picking a Shopify account name. To get started, could you provide me with some information about your brand, such as its name, industry, target audience, and any specific themes or values you want to convey? With that information, we can brainstorm some ideas together. Additionally, if you'd like, we can create a poll to gather opinions on the potential names you're considering. Let me know how you'd like to proceed!


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