Hi, in Sales by traffic referrer what all traffic is considered in Direct sales?

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So on my store I have more social traffic but in sales report I am getting Direct sales more

how this is possible? I feel there is some gap in this analytics.

I am also doing lot of draft orders so daft orders are also considered as Direct sales?

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Hi @Gynoveda !


Discrepancies in analytics are common. Let me give you some reasons why there are discrepancies on your traffic and sales report.


One the reason is due to the cross-device behavior of your customers. There are possibilities that they might interacting with your store in different browsers or device before purchasing which can be contributed to your store traffic however, if they discovered your store through social media in another device and, initially made a purchase directly using another device, this will consider as direct sales. Also, draft orders are manually created orders and your customers does not need to visit your store in order to have these therefore, this will be considered as direct sales as well. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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