Hiding Collection in Palo Alto Theme

Hiding Collection in Palo Alto Theme

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We recently switched to the Palo Alto theme and now have issues hiding a collection using the same process as we used to.


I have two products under a collection title that we would like to share with an exclusive group through sharing a link. However, the collection appears under our search bar every time. We have the Shopify App "Search and Discovery" added to our store as well (in case that matters)


Desperate for help as Palo Alto customer service is very slow and I believe on another timezone considering they answer request at 2-3am my time.


Any help is appreciated!

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Hi @SSRJess !


For this, you can try to install application that can hide or lock certain products or contents on your store. Kindly check what will work best for you between LocksmithB2B Login Lock Hide, and Wholesale Lock Manager.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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