Historical Status information for Outages

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Are there plans to display the outage history on https://www.shopifystatus.com/?


We have staff that report problems to us, but we are not able to confirm whether there was a known problem or outage in the past. 

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I'm after this information as well, it would be incredibly useful to have

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@Shopify Are there plans to display the outage history?

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We have the same issue. I would say this is a given for a status page to be useful!

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A vote from me too - I am trying to communicate the recent GTM outage to the wider team but have no reference data from historical outage.

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+1, I am looking for the same thing.

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We had the same problem, so we built a Shopify app to solve it!


In our app Uptime you can track the Shopify status in real time, and get alerted if they report any issues. You can also view historical Shopify outage history directly inside the app.


Here's a blog post with more details: https://www.getuptime.co/blog/introducing-shopify-outage-history


Hope that helps! 🙂