History repeats itself - Account closure

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I never do posts, but 1 store out of 10 during the creation process, here's what happens: you receive this kind of e-mail saying that you're not respecting some so-called rules, which if you go and see them will have nothing to do with anything, because it usually happens during the creation of the site, so you don't have any customers, so it's impossible not to respect these rules, you easily lose your store and the work you've done, the only answer is to look at your mail, be patient, you subscribe to a service to be patient, you invest money and time, only to lose everything for no real reason, each service passes the buck to always prolong the response a little more...

Here's the sweet text sent unscrupulously by e-mail, to get you to reopen a store and re-invest your money...

After reviewing your information and website "xxxx", we have determined that you are in violation of Section 7 of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy and we are therefore unable to support your business. We are terminating your account in accordance with our right in Section 14.3 of Shopify Terms of Service.

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Hi Mizier

I agree 100% with you. I believe that Shopify doesn't support any new business. I believe they advertise a lot to entice new busines to sign up and do all the subscriptions. 
I was using Auto DS to import products. Which is what they advertise.To help people that are new to this. I had my store up for roughly 7 days and got the same email of Account Closure with Section 7. With no highlighting of what I can do to rectify the issue but they still take all your money and subscription and invest into them to be successful. I had paid professionals to even create my stores. After the 1st Store account closure I opened a 2nd store and change to cover various products and this store didn't even go live and got deactivated. 
I believe this is all a scam. There support is of no help. You authenticate your stores but they still got tell you what happened. Very quick to take your money but very slow to support the new business. I am opening a civil case for all the costs I have lost for both stores.