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I have been searching and there doesn’t seem to be a solution, but I thought I would ask in case things have changed. 

I do restocks in my shop on Saturdays. Items sell out within minutes, often having customers compete to the second to click the button to finish checkout. This results in angry customers as well as some customers placing multiple orders to ensure they get what they want. When customers place multiple orders, I then have to go in and refund extra shipping, manually fulfill orders, etc. (it would be so nice if there was an option to combine customer orders….)


is there any way to have a customers cart held for a small amount of time so that the inventory isn’t sold out from under them? It would take a burden off my shoulders and make my customers much happier. 

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Hi @Momsstitchetti,


One approach if you're on Shopify Basic or Advanced is to write a script that runs on the cart page. You can remove cart items with Shopify AJAX API. You can insert a cookie to keep track of how long items have been in the cart and simple empty the cart after the time runs out. 



Sam - Owner / Lead Developer 

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