Homedecordeals.shop is a scam???

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I have been trying to contact this shop (homedecordeals.shop) and I am officially pissed off at the service I have received which was nothing. The store doesn't even show products on the Shopify app anymore as if it completely disappeared. I've complained to the store website and Shopify multiple ways and neither have done anything. I'm having a hard time understanding why the shop isn't answering me and I don't want to get scammed. I've been waiting for over a month so something needs to get done. I either need my money or my products. Im tired of this bs


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Hi @TheaWelch Shopify is like a mall, you have to resolve issues with the individual store itself or the services used as the payment methods.


if the store isn't responsive after a reasonable time:

If you used a credit card contact your credit card company to remove the charge.

If you use another online method such as paypal, apple-pay etc contact those payment systems directly.


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Yes I understand but it's the worst mall I've ever been to. You never go to a store in the mall and have no service yk. Shopify sucks ass when keeping our online shopping safe so whats the real point of the app, I feel like its only allowing more scam like activities to take place.