Horrible Service on Customer Service Team and Safety Team

Horrible Service on Customer Service Team and Safety Team

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I received an email saying I violate the terms of service of shopify but i am legit business with legal register and tax paying. They just send me email to ask me upload some documents. I did it all but they said they need to close my store without any supportive reason. 

I truly have no idea on what is going on , plus I am service provider. And all products are legit and authentic.
I wonder is it they target me because of racist, as my last name is an Asian Name.
So , shopify considers all Asian name sells fake good??

This is so unfair. I contacted the customer service, and they said they cannot help
They charge my credit card exactly on the date they stop my store, but no refund can be offered to me after stop the store

For the safety team, all the reply are just in template, not even a normal reply like human to explain to me what is going on , so i can fix the issue if they recognize as problems. The person from Safety Team is very unprofessional , and his name is Raoul. I have never met anyone doing customer service worse in this way ....
It is supposed to assist client to solve the issue, but he is not.

Just tell me , we will close your store in 2 days. This is not try to save your client but getting them out with disappointment. You - Shopify will lose reputation from customers, and word of mouth on your brand image. I truly have no clue how the team got hired and trained in this way ... or maybe the management not doing a good work. 

I have been a loyal customer for 3 years , even the order only reach 50 orders but I was still stay with you guys and recommend to friends and family. However, I got target , maybe because of RACIST, and hence need to close my store.

This is totally unacceptable!!! #BEINGRACIST

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Absolutely no customer service whatsoever. I’m looking to file a class action lawsuit against Shopify. They have money in my account and will not allow me to transfer it to my bank and I wanna know if there’s any other customers dealing with this.