How can a Pakistan-based store receive global payments?

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Dear community need your guidance regarding my Pakistan based upcoming Shopify store. My products buyers are mainly from US and EU. I need your help which payment method are available for Pakistan based store to receive payment globally.

My Model is like typical dropshipping model, customer pays me first. Once i receive the payment, than i ship the order from Pakistan to buyer using DHL , UPS etc.


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Hi @saeedkhan99 !


There are a lot of available payment gateways in Pakistan. You can check them out in Payment Providers and Online Payment Gateways (2024) Shopify website and enter your country. I personally recommend, - Offsite Payments, Payoneer Checkout, and 2Checkout Convert Plus as these payment gateways are widely known as well. It is best to check Configuring third-party providers help document as well once you already chose the payment gateway that you would like to use because, this help document can help you out in connecting your chosen payment gateway to your Shopify account.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Thank you so much.