How can customers create their own bundles in Shopify?

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is there a way in Shopify to let customers create their own bundles? We have tried creating a Shopify extension with MergeOperation using this doc:
But there is a problem.
The bundle is only created when all child products connected to the parent product are added to the cart and the quantity of each product has to be 1.The process should look like this:
1. For example we have a list of 24 products displayed on a custom page.
2. The customer can decide which products and how much of them they want in the bundle.
3. If they checkout all selected products should be in one bundle.
4. Price of the bundle should be a total of products quantity * price.Shopify Bundle Setup:
1. All child products are added in component_reference in the parent product.
2. All child products have the same component_parents:
    "id": "gid://shopify/ProductVariant/43474051858599",
    "component_reference": {
      "value": [
    "component_quantities": {
      "value": [
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