How can customers upload and arrange images on my site?

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i want the customer to upload an image (multiple of them) and allow THE CUSTOMER to put them in order

it is important that the client can put them in order

what apps i need. Are there any apps that allow me to put the options that the customer arrange the photos

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Hello @Sasho 


Yes, there are product options that offer customers to upload photos to their cart items.

You can check them.





Also if you don't want to use an app it is possible via custom code.



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This can be done with the help of Upload-Lift image upload which will upload the file and custom code to rearrange the uploaded items using JS library or you can go with the custom app to build the whole feature.

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Hi @Sasho,


To enable image uploads on your product pages, I recommend using the Easify Product Options app. It not only supports image uploads but also allows customers to upload multiple images simultaneously 🤗.

For managing image order, there are 2 potential solutions:

  • Numbered Image Names: Request customers to add a numerical order to each image name before uploading (e.g., order 1-9). This way, you can determine the sequence of the images based on their names. For example:

multiple upload 1.pngmultiple upload 2.png

  • Individual File Upload Sections: Instead of having a single file upload section for multiple images, consider creating multiple file upload sections, each allowing the upload of one image. This way, customers can clearly associate each upload section with a specific purpose or image. For instance:



Feel free to share more details about your specific requirements, and I can provide more tailored suggestions for your situation.

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