How can I accurately calculate shipping prices on a basic plan?

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Hi All, looking for some guidance.

After weeks of building our shopify store it has now come to the point we require our shipping to be calculated accurately since we ship pallets, and a pallet to Shetland is certainly more expensive than going to Newcastle. 

We are on a "Basic" plan and pay £25 per month but if we upgrade to a "Shopify" plan at £65 per month will this allow us to be able to download apps such as ShipMagic and create custom shipping prices based on Post Codes that we load in ??

Going to an Advanced Plan or even the Plus plan at this stage is not feasible and paying through the nose just to unlock 1 feature we require does not seem fair.


Any help would be greatly appriciated.



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Hi @FloorGuard ,

Aditya from ShipMagic App here.

Yes, upgrading to the "Shopify" plan allows you to use third-party shipping rate apps like ShipMagic.

Just one pointer for you. On the "Shopify" plan, CCS is not automatically enabled as it is on the "Advanced" plan. After upgrading to "Shopify" plan, simply contact Shopify support to enable CCS.


With the "Shopify" plan, CCS costs an additional $20/month if billed monthly, but it's free if billed annually. Contact Shopify support for CCS activation in both cases.

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