How can i add a product to a subcategory?

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I created a few subcategories. Here is one example:


Top: T-Shirts

Sub: > for women

Sub: > for men


So when i create a product and want to add a mens t-shirt in the right category, i can just choose the top one.I don't want men and women shirts in one category. How can i add it to the correct one?




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In english, kategorien translates to tags.


If you are wanting to create a collection called "Women's TShirts" and another called "Men's TShirts" as an example, here is what I would suggest.


Create the following tags/kategorien:





If a product is a tshirt for women, check off BOTH TShirt and Women, do the same for men's products - or any combination of products you are looking to combine into categories and subcategories.


Next create a collection that INCLUDES the TAGS/KATEGORIEN Tshirt AND Women. This requires two lines in your collection. You can create another collection that includes all Tshirts by including only that tag, or one for Men's TShirts by requiring both of those tags.


Collections are very flexible, they just require a little bit of advanced planning while you are creating your products so that you can create the collections you would like based on Tags, Product Type, Price, etc.


I hope this helped you.

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Hey, @MarCologne.


Thank you for reaching out!


Great idea to have two separate T-shirt categories, so your customers have a seamless buying process! We will need to take a few steps to add these categories to your store's main menu successfully. I will list them below, and you should get this completed easily!


  1. Create a collection for each of your subcategories. Create a Men's T-shirt collection and a Women's T-shirt collection by going to Products > Collections > Create a collection in your admin.
  2. Link your subcategories in your navigation. To do this, you need to go to Online Store > Navigation > Main Menu in your admin. 




  1. I recommend creating a drop-down menu to make your store more accessible and easy to navigate. You will need to drag the menu item under the main category to do this. For example, you will want to drag Men's T-Shirts underneath T-Shirts. 

After completing these steps, try testing it on your online store. Your shirts should be organized into two subcategories underneath T-shirts.


Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Emily | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey thank you very much. That helped me a lot. As you can see in the picture, I have now created the correct category structure and collections. But I don't understand why you can't click on "T-shirt" and then have the choice between men and women again. What am I doing wrong? I don't mean the drop-down menu like here (that's great).



I would like to come to an extra page, as I list the categories below to click on. I cant click on the picture "Tshirt"