Re: How can I add staff, but only give access to reports of specific products?

How can I add staff, but only give access to reports of specific products?

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I am the only CEO and operator for my website, but I want to integrate digital products to my website such as webinars. With such products, some of these webinar products I want to collaborate with other individuals, like guest instructors. I wanted to know under staff or collaborators, either of the two options is there a way I can give access to the analytics to only selected products under their log in, so that all of my sales are not visible - just the products we've collaborated on? As we will be sharing revenue on that specific product, I want to give full transparency of sales but not all of my sales not related to them? 

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In the Navigation Pane, select a table or query that contains the records you want on your report.On the Create tab, click Report. ...Right click a column on which you want to group or sort, and then click Group On [field name] or click one of the Sort options.

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I'm sorry I don't understand, your saying navigation panel? Navigation under online store?

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Hi there - there is no way to do this in the Shopify admin. Even if you could, these people would need to be added as staff, which would push you up into higher pricing tiers.


You could accomplish this with our Report Toaster app using our Shared Links feature. We have other merchants doing the same thing with their collaborators. Please feel free to take a look and reach out to support so we can help you get this setup.

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Hi @Hervixenwigs ,

If you're open to using an app, Report Pundit has a password-protected sharable link feature in which you can share any type of custom reports Including orders, finance reports, payout reports to your accountants, staff members, vendors, finance team, and many more without sharing the Shopify login credentials.

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