How can I apply both discount and free shipping for over $100 orders in Shopify?

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We are new to shopify and have seen this issue happen a few times already.


A 10% Discount code is provided for new customers, and Free Shipping is provided to those orders that total over $100.


Scenario example customer purchases items to a Total of $102.85

10% Discount -$10.29
As order is now under $100 it adds a Shipping Standard $12.50
Total is now $105.06


The customer has spent over $100 therefore should get free shipping + discount. How can this be done in Shopify?

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Discounts will reduce the subtotal, so technically their purchase is under $100 which is why they aren't getting the free shipping.

The only workaround I can think of is to use a gift card instead as this is treated as a payment type and as such does not reduce the subtotal.
However this would require a fixed amount rather than a % discount.

Hope that helps in some way.

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Hi @dstewart 
I've recorded a quick demo on how you can resolve the discount/free shipping issue
It uses Advanced Free Shipping

Let me know if I can help further.

Founder @ Advanced Free Shipping, create custom free shipping rules easily.
- Set Free-Shipping by 20 parameters; products, collections, customers + more
- No need for confusing Scripts or Carrier Calculated Shipping
- To learn more about 'Advanced Free Shipping' visit our Shopify app page here.
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Thanks RMedia that would work however that comes at a cost and difficult one to consider for a small business. Appreciate the feedback 👍


was hoping that Shopify would have this functionally built in.

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Hello @dstewart 


Here i have one more solution for you

using this app, we can set shipping cart cart original total. 


What you need to set, set regular shipping and free shipping without condition on Shopify settings and set condition on the ShipFy app. 

This app do not required CCS.


Note: Are you using any automatic discount app? Like wholesale, bundle, volume, etc.. because such an app generates draft orders and this  app does not work on draft order checkout.


Let me know if you have any question.