How can I become a Shopify admin beta tester?

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42 1 39 that I can try to prevent Shopify from making constant, seemingly insignificant changes that negatively impact our workflow?! There has been at least one minor adjustment somewhere in the admin EVERY SINGLE MONTH for the last several months that throws yet another wrench at us to keep us on our toes. C'mon, guys - I'm trying to run a business, not play some stupid game of "can you spot the difference" each month! Ooh, but this time, we've got TWO irritating admin alterations:


* A couple months ago they suddenly started forcing us to enter in a Google-friendly Product Type, which was bad enough, but as of a couple days ago, now you can't even start typing to find the one you want. Now you have to manually use your mouse to select one from the dropdown list (whereas I was able to just quickly tab through all the fields before). Oh, and if you need to use a custom type - perhaps because you've based your entire site layout and 6000+ title catalog around the actually useful types that you created years ago? Sorry, but that'll require yet another additional step...


* The new one that started today, though, is some bizarre change to the Inventory page where instead of just entering the new quantity in each box (or using your arrow key to quickly go up or down a number or two) and then hitting enter, you now have to select a reason WHY you're changing the number?! And even funnier - "because I sold it" isn't even an option - ha! Arrow keys no longer work. Enter key no longer works. With this change, it seems as if they sure went through a damn lot of effort just to make everything a lot harder and less useful!




I really do appreciate that the devs there are regularly improving the site. Believe me, I know it's way better than the alternative of using a forgotten platform doomed to obsolescence (unfortunately, I speak from experience); but if you must add new bits and bobs all the time, can you PLEASE NOT MAKE THEM MANDATORY? At least let us decide if we want these mostly unnecessary changes or not by making them optional or even in a separate section?


Better yet, let me be a beta tester so I can tell you when you're making a horrible mistake? Thanks, and I'll talk to you next month (though I really hope I don't have to)...



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Hey @Jade (and any other staffers reading)-


Here's the post I referenced in the other one I made in


Literally the day after I made this post above, I found yet ANOTHER change to the product adding process, where the steps to adding tags to your new product went from a nice cloud-styled inline list to a standard single-lined list (and double-spaced for *extra* annoyance). And if you have about 50-ish tags like I do, and not a huge monitor... Well, I just have to say that this is NOT OKAY!


Now, don't get me wrong - I like Shopify and think it was fairly well-built when it came out years ago (even if the new liquid language had a steep learning curve at first, having come from a php background) - but all of these CONSTANT seemingly-miniscule (and not very well-thought out, I might add) changes to the admin are SERIOUSLY pissing me off! I know I already stated this in the title, but I have to do it again: 


Shopify, please make me a beta-tester for these countless small-ish workflow changes you insist on making to the admin!


Really, please. I'm fairly intelligent, very detail-oriented (some would say pedantic) and have been using the platform for several years now - both for my own shop, as well as building and/or maintaining shops for a couple dozen friends/legitimate clients. Plus, I always manage to find the quickest way from point A to point B (from a workflow point-of view), as I place an extremely high value on efficiency...  And as you can see with the previous posts in this thread (and countless before it), I'm not the only one that thinks what youre doing is annoying and just wrong.


I really don't like being a whiny complainer, but with all of the changes Shopify keeps randomly making with the inventory/product pages & workflow, I think they have wasted more of my time than I ever could their's. Yet somehow, I'm the one paying them!  



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I am a newbie Shopify POS user for brick and mortar store. I am going crazy and just ended up on a Facebook page with someone suggesting that I am a beta tester.  I figured out how to do something yesterday and today it is completely different. This is not okay.  Glad I'm not the only one. And if there's a way to turn off some beta testing please let me know what it is I don't want in yet!