How can I begin earning sales on my ecommerce site?

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how can I start making sales on Shopify? 

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Please share your store URL. 


Thank you

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Hey @bertrand12  Welcome to the community!  Do you already have a store set up? If so, you might be able to drop the link here and community members can give some suggestions. If not, then you can start a store with a free trial and pop into the LA Space ( and we can walk through some of the tools that can help you get going. 

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Making sales on your Shopify Store start from generating traffic to your Shopify Store. Your sales will come from the people visiting your online store. How then can you generate quality traffic to your Shopify Store?


The following will help in generating quality leads to your Shopify Store;

1. Optimize your website, products description and images for search engine.


2. Drive traffic from social media like Pinterest and twitter to your store.


3. Blog about your products on your website to increase your store visibility


4. Engage your audiences on other social media like Facebook and Instagram.


5. Add multiple sales channels to your Shopify Store.


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Let me know if my recommendations answer your question.


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Hey, @bertrand12.


Thank you for reaching out. Congratulations on your new store!


I understand launching a new store and generating traffic can be tricky. No need to worry, as I will share some great ideas and resources to help increase your traffic and, in turn, increase sales. 


There can be many ways to increase traffic and sales on your store. I recommend running paid social media ad campaigns. You will be able to get your business in front of your ideal customers through highly targeted ads. The platforms I recommend are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google; these social media platforms have a huge following that will allow you to reach many potential customers.


Another great option would be to add a sales channel to your store. Shopify will sync your products to the platforms you choose to reach an even larger audience while increasing brand awareness.


Please let me know if you have any further questions! I would love to learn more about your business and the products you sell and provide you with even more recommendations. If you want to leave your URL, I would be happy to look at your store and provide any feedback I may have. 


Talk soon, 



Emily | Social Care @ Shopify 
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