How can I block or blacklist a problematic customer in Shopify?

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We have a problematic customer that we no longer wish to deal with. Is there a way to block/blacklist customers in Shopify? Fraud Filter does not work because it permits orders to be placed and thus we're charged transaction fees. We need a block/spam filter in place pre-checkout. Can anyone advise?

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Hi @StevetUK
In order to ensure that you are no longer have to deal with that specific customer what you can do is simply disable the account of that specific customer from the Shopify admin panel. And once the account is disabled he/she won't be able to login again to your store using the existing credentials. 
Follow the steps below to disable the customer account: 
1. Open the Shopify admin panel.
2. Open customers sections by clicking on the Customer option from below the products on the left hand side. 
3. Once the customer page is opened, then search for that specific customer using his email id or name. 
4. Once you have found the customer click on his name and open the customer information page. 
5. Click on disable account at the top as shown in image. 


6. save the details, Once you have done this the customer wont be able to login back to the account until and unless he re-registers as a new customer using the same email address.

For more reference you can refer to the this article. 


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Hi there, thanks for the reply and the instructions - unfortunately this probably won't work as we don't require customers to create an account to check out: it's optional for them as we find people see account creation as a barrier to making a purchase.


Can you advise on an alternate approach to blocking a customer by email address for example?

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You could prevent a customer from logging in with that email address, but you'd still need to use the option to "Require log-in before checkout" to make sure this customer can't complete purchases. I don't think there's a workaround to that, if there is I'd like to know. Otherwise the customer can always reach the checkout before logging in and then use his/her email address there to complete the purchase.

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There’s finally a fix to this! I figured I’d post because I’ve been looking for years and hope it’ll help you all. We’ve blocked people on fraud filter before but we would get charged all the fees and it was super frustrating - like OP posted here. Now we changed our payment settings to authorize when fulfilled (this is new option I haven’t seen before) and if an order is canceled by fraud filter before it’s fulfilled, then we don’t get charged any transaction fees because the payment is voided before it’s charged. This saved me so much money in fees in the last month alone!!! I attached a photo of the setting. Choose the second one, not the one that shows chosen in the photo.