How can I bulk edit and compress images on my site?

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Hey all,


Really hoping there's a solution I'm not seeing... PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE A FEW QUESTIONS HERE: 


1. I need to compress all my images because they're too large. 

I know there are apps but I don't want to pay for this. 


Is there a way to bulk edit all my images?  


2. I'm confused how product images vs what I see in "files" works. I uploaded a new photo to an existing product, refreshed the page a few times, but that photo does not appear in the "files". 


3. And - I have lots of products with photos that I don't see at all in my files. When I search for them I get 0 results. Where are those files??


This whole image/files thing is quite confusing to me so if there's someone who can explain this coherently I would truly appreciate it! 🙏


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