How can I bulk upload product images from a CSV file to Shopify?

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I'm looking to upload a ton of products at once using a CSV that has been supplied by the manufacturer.


My issue is that the CSV file points to the image files saved locally on my PC. 


I'm searching for the easiest way to have all the images uploaded to a public hosted location while also being attached to the product being uploaded to Shopify. I can upload csv screenshots if needed or the entire CSV if that helps.

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Hey, @TheTreadLife.


Thanks for reaching out and posting this question!


I understand that you're looking to upload a product CSV supplied by the manufacturer, and the image files are saved locally on your PC. If you're looking for file hosting location for your images, then you can upload and manage files directly on Shopify. Once you have the images uploaded onto the Files of your Shopify admin, then simply copy the image URL and you can add multiple product images in a CSV file. You can also consider using a third-party file hosting service. However, you'll need to ensure that the hosting service provides both permissions, reading and writing, in order for the data to be imported onto Shopify. 


That being said, I noticed that you're a new member of our Shopify Community! Once you've resolved the issue with hosting images, I'd love to hear more about your business and share some resources to help you get started. What types of products are you selling? Do you have a marketing plan prepared for your store?


Elias | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I have around 4/5 images per product and roughly 20k products I intend to have on my store by the end of the year. Surely there is a better way than having to do this each individual time.

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Using a third-party server/cloud storage was always the only way to do this. Shopify's Files section is very limited and not adequate for uploading a large number of images.


In the past, Google Drive had a web hosting feature that worked flawlessly for hosting images for this purpose. Also, Dropbox used to have a "Public folder" that worked in a similar way. Unfortunately, this feature is deprecated on both services.


I suggest using web hosting from a third party. Any cheap shared hosting server should work. This allows uploading images in bulk from your PC via FTP. Image folders/file names don't change so you usually don't need to make edits in a CSV file.

Tip: Always upload images when creating products for the first time. If some image fails to upload for any reason when you're importing products with CSV, you will only be notified about that if it's a new product, not when overwriting existing products

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Does site performance (image upload speed) suffer when using a third party server?

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Do a Google search for "Bucket Lynx" (no space).  Bucket Lynx is a product image file host service where you can upload your image files and then use the links to bulk upload those image files to Shopify.  It also has a feature that will auto-populate your bulk upload files for you.


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Hi @TheTreadLife, I see this is an old post, but I was wondering how you solved the problem eventually.