How can I correctly register a service worker for my app?

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I am the developer of an app for Shopify. And at this stage I am trying to run service worker through my app, for web push. In order for me to register a service worker, I need to have access to my js file in the store root ( ). I understand that I can't just add this file to the root of the store, and I tried to solve this problem through the app proxy, but I was disappointed because I can't use the header service-worker-allowed: / (Shopify security policy - as far as I understood).

The question is, is there a way to register service worker correctly, or some other way? Is it possible in principle to do what I want or not? I will be very grateful for any answer.

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Hello, I've encountered the same problem today, have you had any progress or any ideas on that issue?

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What is the best approach to push service worker file to Storefront?

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Same, did you find any solution for this problem