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How can I create a custom customer dashboard for my online store?

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Hello, I have an online Shopify store and I want to develop a custom dashboard for my customers. This dashboard should be accessible to customers when they log into my store, and it should have custom features like embedding Pinterest and other features.

My main questions are:

  1. How can I build this type of custom customer dashboard?
  2. Can Shopify natively build something like this?
  3. Or do I need to hire a developer to build it from scratch using programming languages?
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Hi @Moz1 

The features looks interesting but Shopify allow only what it is. You can just change the feel and look by the way to make it separate to your main website.



Sheesh B

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Hi @Moz1 , 

I have previously built a customer portal before as a shopify app, but your use case seems to be a bit more involved than post purchase order edit.
To answer your question:
1. building custom storefront with customer login:
2. can't build it with what shopify offers
3. hire a developer who is familiar with shopify ecosystem

p.s. if you hire someone, remember to communicate why you want to build a customer dashboard. What problem are you trying to solve?