How can I create custom return reasons in my online store?

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Hi Shopify Community,

Does anyone know how to create custom "return reasons". 
We offer a complimentary size swap policy, so would like the return reason of "size swap" instead of "size too large" for example. 
There is a big difference between returning for a size swap, or returning because there is actually a problem in the footwear industry.

Cheers! 🙂 

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Hello @skysoles,


Do you need to create the custom field "return reasons" on the contact page or on the return policy page?  

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No, when returning an item in the customers order. We just want the apply to make custom “return reasons” that can be tracked. Process would be customer orders – then creates a return – then create new order for correct size.

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Sorry, this isn't an answer. We'd also like to know the answer to your question.

We sell online classes and ZERO of the return reasons are applicable to us. Every single one of our returns goes into the OTHER category. 99% of the returns is because the customer needs to swap the class because they bought the wrong one.

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Are you using any returns app to handle your returns? If yes, your returns software will have an option of creating custom return reasons. 

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