How can I customize my cart icon and its location?

How can I customize my cart icon and its location?

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How to change the cart icon of a theme to put its own icon uploaded on shopify?


And how to change the location of it (header, below the logo/ left/ right/ bottom etc...)?



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Hello @kristibajr ,


Changing icon and position all depends on which theme you are using. I have never seen any theme that allows changing icon. This need to be done via theme level.


Howver to change the position of the logo, follow bellow steps:

Step 1: Go to Themes > customize


Step 2: Click on Header


Step 3: Change Desktop logo position




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Follow these Steps:

Go to Online Store  Edit Code Find Snippets folder then find icon-cart.liquid file and remove the previous svg icon code and add new svg icon code.






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Hey there!

Thanks a lot for the guidance, it helped a lot! I also updated the icon-cart-empty file with the svg code but now the counter is kinda weirdly placed... I can't seem to figure out how to get the counter bubble over the icon... Does anyone know what to do here?



2024-02-27 14_00_57-Window.png