How can I edit contact form fields in the Sense theme?

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I would like to change and edit some fields in the contact form but not being able to find anywhere that option, if available or possible.


Could you please help or guide through?





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There might not be any options to change the fields in contact form but you can change it using Shopify Theme Editor you can also add and even edit any field in Shopify. Here is Shopify Documentation about Contact Form Fields, 

here is an example code 


  <div class="order-number">
    <label for="order-number">Order number</label>
<-- one thing note here that any field you add in contact form must have name attribute and should be like this name="contact[any name you want]" !-->
    <input type="text" name="contact[order_number]" id="order-number" />
Honey G Hamza