How can I effectively organize my files in Shopify?

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Is there a way to organise your files in Shopify? 

I can see, edit and scroll through my files, and can add 'views' - but cannot add any files to these views. 

What is 'views' in files for? Is there some way to organise uploaded files into folders in Shopify?


I spend so long searching through uploaded images to find what i need - it would be so much simpler if i was able to organise them properly!

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Views in Shopify refer to customized perspectives or filtered displays of your product or collection lists.



  • Organization: Views help organize products and collections by allowing you to create duplicate or filtered lists based on specific criteria.

  • Experimentation: They provide a safe way to experiment with collections without affecting the original setup.

  • Search and Filtering: Views facilitate searching and filtering by collection type, sales channels, or other criteria, making it easier to locate and manage specific products.

How to Use Views:

  1. Create a New View: Make a duplicate of the original view to experiment with collections.
  2. Filter the Original List: Apply filters to the main product or collection list based on your criteria.
  3. Create Views from Filtered Results: Generate views from the results of applied filters.
  4. Comprehensive Overview: Take a comprehensive look at the various views, exploring assigned products within each view.

Optimization Tips:

  • Naming Convention: Adopt a naming convention for views to easily identify their purpose.

  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically review and update views based on changes in your product offerings or organizational needs.

Overall Benefit: Views provide a flexible and organized way to manage collections, aiding in efficient product management and easier navigation within the Shopify admin interface.

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Thank you for this. I now understand what views is for.


unfortunately, it doesn’t fulfill the need of organisation for uploaded files, rather than products/collections. 

obviously, websites have a lot more images/documents/videos etc that aren’t linked to products/collections. It would be great to be able to organise these uploaded files

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I am building a simple file manager that supports directories, maintaining file names and searchability. If you're interested, you can sign up here -


You can try out the demo at



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I received valuable feedback from several of you. Although I couldn't incorporate all of your suggestions in the first version, I've included the ones most necessary to help alleviate your pain:
  • You can maintain the directory structure you have on your laptop or workstation.
    • Simply upload entire directories to Shopify and the app will preserve your directory structure. You can test this out in the demo
  • Rename files without worrying about Shopify's duplicates, going forward the file manager will prevent new duplicates from arising. 
    • In the next update you'll be able to seamless update handles and alts if necessary and replace files with the same name with one click.
  • The ability to manage your files on the go as a busy merchant.
    • The file manager is responsive on tablets and phones, try opening the demo on your phone!
The application is currently under review by Shopify to be placed in the Shopify App Store. It's priced at $9.99 / month with a 2 week trial. The trial can be extended by sharing the app on social media. All of these details will be in the app. 
If you'd like to hear about the app ASAP, sign up here and I'll send you the app link the moment it's approved.