How can I export customer notes with product orders?

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I currently use the app app, Textbox- Custom Field Text, in order to add a customer notes box to each product so that they can make special requests or notes on each product the purchase. However, we export our order out of Shopify to an external inventory system. When I export out of Shopify I cannot get the customer notes of each product to export as well. Is there an exporting app or some code that I can enter to be able to export the customer notes when I export my orders? 

our store is

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This is John, from Report Pundit.

Report Pundit can fetch the "Customer Notes:" information from the product page if the data is available in the Shopify store.

Additionally, Report Pundit can show the details related to Product, Order, Inventory, customer, etc.

Further, the reports can be exported instantly and can be scheduled to an email, Google Drive, and FTP.

You can reach us at or contact our live chat support team for more help.

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