How can I further escalate my ticket?

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It's been a week since I raised a ticket to Shopify support but there's still no resolution for the same. It is an extremely simple billing related issue on Shopify's end which the CS agent has also admitted to. However, there's still no resolution for this. The worst part is my store is still frozen despite this being an issue on Shopify's end. This is admittedly the worst customer service I have seen from a company of this size. Is there anyway I can further escalate this issue or flag it to someone who is actually capable of resolving this rather than assure me with empty words.

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Hi @ishanjoshi !


Since this is a billing concern, I know it is not ideal though, I highly suggest that you maintain an open communication with Shopify support team as they are the only one who have more knowledge regarding your account status. You can follow-up your case to them and request to escalate your issue with urgency. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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