How can I get a 90 day trial on Shopify?

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Hello,  How to grab Shopify 90 day trial?


Before, one store took me 2 months for fully create store. Now i am planning to sell my water in Shopify too. I have found every where shopify 30 day trial only. If i can grab 90 doys trial, that would be awesome. 

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90 Days trial has ended and is no longer available. The only option merchants have now is to go with the 30 day trial plan, you can also hire a Shopify Expert to ensure your store is setup quickly and you start selling within no time.


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Hello @JasonTheWater


Although a 90-day trial isn't available right now, you can still launch within 30 day peroid. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Set Up Your Storefront: Use this time to create a visually appealing and user-friendly storefront that aligns with your brand.

  • Add Products: Start by adding your water products to the store. 

  • Customize Your Store: Try out different themes and layouts to give your store a great matching look.

  • Explore Shopify Apps: Take this chance to test out different Shopify apps, like email marketing and inventory management tools.

  • Test Payment and Shipping Options: Set up and test various payment methods and shipping options for a seamless buying experience.

  • Fianally, Launch Your Store: Use this trial period to strategize your launch, including marketing plans and special offers.

Once your store is live, you can keep refining it and adding more products. The 30-day trial is an great opportunity to kickstart your journey on Shopify.


Happy Selling !



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