How can I get a refund for a paid theme on an e-commerce platform?

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As a university student, we have been studying Shopify for the previous week. We completed a beginner-level assignment to develop an e-commerce platform on Shiofy; however, I made a mistake by paying for the publication of a theme. Since a few days ago, both Shopify and the developer of the "Sydney" theme have flatly refused to refund me approximately 300 euros. The manner in which Shopify treats their students, prospective developers, and entrepreneurs is inadequate and ineffective. I appreciate your prompt resolution of this matter.

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Hello @yasmeen2 


Given that the majority of funds support the Sydney theme developers and the nature of digital products prevents refunds, consider exploring options to leverage your investment positively. You could seek out a new buyer for the theme or utilize your skills to customize the store for resale, providing opportunities for generating revenue and maximizing the value of your investment.


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Seriously…. How do you “accidentally” buy a paid theme? Before you can press the 'Buy' button, it clearly shows you all the details.


You're not entitled to receive a refund, it doesn't matter whether you are a student or not. This is a Shopify Theme, not a 5$ Netflix Subscription.