How can I implement FAQ Schema on my ecommerce blogs?

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I am a Shopify Store owner who focuses heavily on SEO efforts. I have a lot of blogs & I was wondering how I can implement FAQ Schema on my Shopify Blogs? Could you link to any resources you know of for this task? Or could you explain how I can add the schema? Is it within the HTML of the blog page or do I have to edit the article.liquid files? 


Thanks in advance

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Hi Bennettheyn,

There is no automatic way to implement the FAQ schema.

It has be manually written most preferably in JSON LD language.

It would be something like this:


<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "FAQPage",
  "mainEntity": [{
    "@type": "Question",
    "name": "jjj",
    "acceptedAnswer": {
      "@type": "Answer",
      "text": "jj"
    "@type": "Question",
    "name": "hh",
    "acceptedAnswer": {
      "@type": "Answer",
      "text": "vv"


If you need support in implementing this, you can reach me here. 

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898 23 181

You can follow the FAQ spec & example provided by Google here:

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Hello, @Bennettheyn 
There are some ways of implementation of your FAQ Schema. It depends on how you want it to look in the future if they will be similar for each blog - create a snippet and load it to your theme liquid. If you have a unique schema for each page - you can either make separate copies of your blog template and insert the code there or use the liquid rules in a separate snippet to load your schema code using the article.handle or article.title as a hook. 

Anyway - if you need help or a detailed code and instructions, please let me know.
Best regards.

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