How can I implement zipcode-based product pricing?

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Looking for an app that will allow us to have customers input their zipcode when they enter our website. Hoping to have pricing in our home region be cheaper (we deliver there, less storage, packaging, ice, no shipping, ) We want to have new pricing for the further region we are adding (to cover storage, extra packaging, shipping, etc.). Can anyone recommend an app for this? 



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Certainly! It sounds like you're in need of a custom solution to adjust pricing based on the customer's ZIP code as they enter your website. I've developed a similar app before, specifically tailored for Shopify stores, which allowed for dynamic pricing adjustments based on the customer's location, utilizing IP addresses for determination. This custom app effectively managed different pricing strategies to account for various logistical costs such as delivery, storage, and packaging. Feel free to reach out to me, and I'd be happy to share more details about this project and how we can adapt a similar solution to meet your needs with ZIP code input for pricing adjustments.

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I haven't seen any application which matches your description but you can customize the shipping charges accordingly


But if you still need the features it can be done with theme code customizing, it will take quite few days to implement but is entirely possible just using codes.


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Hi @dbcard - One approach can be to keep the product pricing same and charge customers for shipping based on zip code. This can be easily done through shipping rules in ShipperHQ app. You can opt for a free trial to explore further. Check here for details.