How can I improve my online store sales and find reliable suppliers?

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Heyy everybody!

i hope you are doing well. i built a store but unfortunatly i made no sells at all... i really thought the store page was well done. so i am kinda desperate. i am looking for a new product and how i can actually sell products. i also have huge troubles not just finding a product but also finding where to buy it from. i dont like shipping that takes too long. so if anyone has ideas or even specific products that sell well that would be great. 
and if anyone has some step for step instructions on how to actually have a succesful store id be so happy. i also tried tiktok promotion (also got a lof of views and clicks), but didnt work out obviously haha

thanks for your help!

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Hello Jennybee,

You can consider drop-shipping for your Shopify store, which is a selling model in which individuals and companies sell the products without having a stock of those products.


I found a resourceful article for you, which offers a detailed explanation of how to start as a drop shipper on Shopify - 


Now, here are some tips for you to optimize your website and improve conversions:

  • Keyword Research: If done right, keyword research can help improve the ranking of the website and enhance traffic and conversions on the website. Here are some tips for you: 
    • Understand the search intent of the customers (what they are actually looking for), and then determine the keywords they shall use to reach your website/products
    • Use keyword research tools, like Wordtracker, Moz, Linkdex, UberSuggest, and SEMrush, to determine the effectiveness and competitiveness of the keywords used
    • Target the long-tail keywords for the website, which have low competition and search volume; thus, can help in targeting the right audience for the website.
  • Optimize Site Structure: Site structure is the way content is organized on the web page, and optimizing site structure can help in creating a good first impression of the website among the users. It can be optimized by:
    • Adding visuals, like images, carousels, GIFs, and videos
    • Organizing content under different heading tags and ensuring consistency of the font format of these heading tags
    • Selecting the right color palette and website theme for the website
  • Optimize Page Speed: Good page speed is liked by users as well as search engine crawlers. With good page speed not only can the user experience be enhanced, but also a good rank on the SERP can be achieved, as Google considers it an important signal in the ranking algorithm. Tips to improve the page speed:
    • Compress large images
    • Reduce the number of redirects
    • Implement AMP
    • Remove unused JavaScript and CSS
    • Implement lazy loading
    • Utilize CDN
  • Enable Rich Snippets: Rich snippets can help the website stand out on the SERP and improve its click-through rate. Thus, add the rich snippets like Product Markup Snippet, FAQs Snippet, Homepage Snippet, etc.
  • Link Building: Backlinks are the best way of getting discovered on the search engine; thus, focus on creating more good-quality backlinks for the website. Here are the tips for you:
    • Create good quality content
    • Guest posting on blog posting websites
    • Collaborate with partners/distributors/suppliers
    • Encourage customers to post testimonials on various digital platforms
    • Use discussion communities and forums to create backlinks
    • Approach related businesses to request backlinks
    • Follow competitors’ link building strategy to get more backlinks
    • Participate and contribute to Press Releases
    • Use SEO tools to identify various link-building opportunities
    • Use Social media to create backlinks and get more traffic to the website
  • Enhance Social Media Engagement: Social media platforms are the best platforms to interact and engage with customers to develop their trust in the business and attract them to the website.
  • Optimize Checkout Process: Optimizing the checkout process can help reduce the cart abandonment rate on the website. The checkout process can be optimized by:
    • Implementing one-page checkout for a seamless experience
    • Offering multiple payment options
    • Offering discounts to the customers or free shipping on orders above a certain amount
    • Providing loyalty points to the customers to encourage repurchase intentions

Hope it helps!