How can I include a mandatory custom text field for product registration?

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I am selling art classes and need to gather the name of the person registering. How can I add a custom product field text field to make sure it is required before going to the cart/checkout? Working in the Artisan theme.


I appreciate any help! Thanks!

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Hey @jengarlando,


You'd want to add a 'custom product options' app to your store to support that functionality. 


See here: 


On a side note though -- the customer will be putting in their name at checkout, when they go to pay for their order ... so if you just need their name, this would already be collected automatically (unless the name is supposed to be different than the person who's paying for the order). 




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Hi @jengarlando,

To ensure customers provide necessary information for your art class, consider adding a custom text field to your product page. The free Easify Product Options app can help you with this 😊:

  • Create a new option set.
  • Add a text field using either Text Box for a one-line field or Text Area for a multi-line field, and edit the field to your specifications (allowed text length, field width, help text, placeholder). Remember to select the "Required" checkbox.



  • Select the relevant product(s) that you want to add the text field to, and you're done – it's that easy!



This way, customers must provide the required information before adding the product to their cart and checking out.

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Hi @jengarlando 


I hope you doing well.


One of the way to add custom text field on the product page is using the custom code. Here is a sample code that can be added in the related liquid file as per your Shopify theme  -

  <p class="line-item-property__field">
        <label for="customText">Custom Text:</label>
        <input id="customText" type="text" name="properties[Custom Text]" form="{{ product_form_id }}">


Also, please refer this demo video to add custom text field on product page:


Please let me know if more details are needed.



Thanks & Regards,

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Hello, You can easily do that with Mini:Customization Fields App. It allows you to create text field and make it required before proceeding to cart/checkout pages. 


In only 2 steps you can setup your fields and apply it on selected products/collections. On the right side, this is how it looks like on your store if it is selected as required.  

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 16.42.21.pngScreenshot 2024-03-01 at 16.43.48.png



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