How can I increase traffic to my new online store?

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So far with my new website, I have been getting low traffic to my store, I have so far utilized Instagram ads, tik tok ads, and instagram influencer marketing. May I please get some tips and advice for improving site traffic?  

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You are on the right track, starting your online advertising strategy using ads is the best way to start gaining traffic and positioning in the online market.

Have you also tried other types of paid advertising platforms?


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Congratulations on launching your store! You've taken the first big step, on a long exciting journey of continual growth, development, and learning.

If you imagine a fresh pair of eyes coming across your store, what do you think they're looking for?

Most customers deal with stores as if they're dealing with people, meaning that they want to know what you're about, what your passion is, and why you do what you do so that they can decide whether they trust you or not.

Your store is lacking a lot of the fundamentals needed to establish Buyer Trust, including the basic About Us page:

You do have an About Us section on your homepage, which is brief and quite vague, filled with words and phrases that do not tell your customer anything about how your product will actually improve their lives:

"Innovational gadgets" - How are they innovative? Can you provide some examples?
"Enhance our life" - How will they enhance our life? Are they going to save us time? Money? Energy? Stress?
"through various conveniences" - too vague! What kind of conveniences? Who would they appeal to? Why are they a convenience?

You need to be clear on what problems your customers want to be resolved and how your brand is going to be able to resolve them. 

"all good products start with not only identifying an overarching problem, but also identifying a pain point — the emotional, human component of product management that draws in customers and makes them feel something."


Read more about this in our blog Product Management Basics: Identifying Customer Pain Points and Validating Ideas.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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