How can I integrate external product data into an existing online store?

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A few years ago I built a Shopify store for a client. Nothing special, a few UI customisations but largely a Shopify inly product site. 


Now they want to resell items from a third party. 


Data is live and available per product only. So you need the products already in the Shopify DB, there are probably a  1-200,000 variants. 


We can import a snapshot of the products initially from a CSV


Once that is done we need to query a MySQL or MSSQL server to


  • Find latest price, stock availability for a product being viewed by a customer. This is updated hourly. 
  • Identify New products and add them to the DB
  • Identify discontinued products and flag as discontinued. Product still displayed but as discontinued

I think the URL schema should be unique per product with SEO friendly tags, titles, data. 


Is there a connector add in available


If not I wold like to find someone who can help develop this solution. 


Thanks in anticipation. 

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