How can I keep product titles when deleting zero inventory rows in CSV import?

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Hey There, I have been handling a csv file,  Everything comes in correctly. However, there is a column of variant inventory level and wherever it's 0, i delete that particular row as I do not want to sell out of stock variants of a product.

Now, many times the row which is being deleted is the 1st row of a new product consisting of the product title. So, when I import the csv into shopify it says title missing.


How can I delete the rows where there is variant inventory qty of 0 and yet keep the title? or if there is some other way around this. 

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Hey SS101,


Easiest way to handle this would be via an app, like this one ( which automatically hides sold-out variants/products from the store. 


Otherwise, if you're not looking to use an app, then I'd just recommend making sure the "continue selling when out of stock" function for all products/variants is disabled.


If this is disabled, then when your products/variants hit 0 inventory, then it'll just show as "sold out" on the store, and customers won't be able to add it to their cart. 


You can also setup your collections, so that they have conditions based around the inventory amount of the products, so that the collections only show products that have inventory. 


See here: 


Any of the above 3 options will be better than deleting rows of products from a CSV file (in my opinion). 


Hope the above helps! 🙂




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Hi StephensWorld,
Thanks for the response, as i'm facing issue while creating multiple product which is taking so much time if i use Admin RestAPI,  i wanted to know if there are any other ways where i can directly create multiple products into my shopify account.