How can I let customers customize their own brownie box?

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I would like to offer customers the ability to build their own box of brownies - selecting from 8 / 10 flavours which they can mix and match to make their box of either 6 or 12 brownies. I know this is possible as I have seen another brownie company doing this and they are using shopify. I would like to achieve this using a similar (visual) approach. Can anyone please help. KR 

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mix n match aka kit building aka sample packs aka product packs aka product bundles aka product bundling.

Tons of discussions on the forums can be found through researching those keywords and terms.


For a simple technical implementation,

If the selections don't affect price use line item properties as some dropdowns 

You may need to associate the inputs the main product form using the form attribute on the inputs.


If separate line items is acceptable behavior you may want to look at the order form customization

Other methods in some themes that can be repurposed are upsells or complementary products etc.

Though with those methods the products all show as separate line items.



This can also be accomplished with using the newer bundling features with a bundling apps or any of the many many product personalization apps or upsell apps or kit building apps etc etc or again using keywords and terms above for the different ways people refer to this merchandising model.

Research the forums or app store.


If you need customization services then contact me, see contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.

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thank you Paul, appreciate your reply - here is the URL of the kind of thing I would like to replicate -  I tried searching as I assumed this would have been covered somewhere but I couldnt find a close example that displays the product picture as you select it - I could only find those that show a drop down selection and thats not what I wanted. Thank you 

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Hello @Glamkitten


Welcome to the Shopify community. Bundle or mix match functionality of the given demo site is hardcoded and not used an app. If you want to quickly setup you can check some of the best Shopify bundles apps. But it may look and work different then the demo site. So if you are looking to go with the same I would recommend you to hire a developer at a reasonable rate.


Let me know if you need any help.



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Our app, BYOB can support tiered discounts and build a box like your case. Here's a sample bundle you can try. However, your page is a custom build as others replied. So it's not possible to have the same look & feel. If you want to have the same style, you can only hire a developer to build the page.

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